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FACT: No matter where you are in Pennsylvania, you’re less than an hour’s drive from at least one winery.

PA is home to over 200 wineries, producing over 1 million gallons of wine annually. We are the fifth-largest grower of grapes in the nation, producing dozens of varieties: Pinot Noir, Riesling, fruit wines, and so much more. There are wineries in every region, and many of them are family-owned and -operated, continuing a centuries-old tradition that began in 1683 when William Penn planted the first vineyard in Philadelphia. 

PA is also home to more than a dozen wine trails, perfect for a weekend getaway. Speaking of weekends, wineries are hosting events year-round. A comprehensive list of winery and wine trail events is available right HERE, so start planning and Keep Tasting in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Wines Partnership

Pennsylvania Wines touches two of the largest industries in the Commonwealth: agricultural and tourism. We're proud to have so many partners working together to advance the industry and create a world-class visitor/taster experience. Here are just a few of the organizations that make PA Wines grow and have made this website possible:

The Pennsylvania Winery Association

The Pennsylvania Winery Association is a trade association representing more than 100 member wineries and an advocate on behalf of the state’s growing multi-billion dollar wine industry.

Pennsylvania Wine Marketing and Research Program

The vision of the Pennsylvania wine and grape industry is to be recognized as the premium East Coast wine appellation. The Pennsylvania Wine Marketing and Research Program continues to work in support of this vision by promoting an increase in the quality, profitability and consumer awareness of Pennsylvania wines.

Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and PA Preferred

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture encourages, protects and promotes agriculture and related industries throughout the commonwealth. Pennsylvania’s 63,000 farm families continue to be the stewards of more than 7.7 million acres of farmland. With $5.7 billion in cash receipts annually from production agriculture, Pennsylvania farmers and agribusinesses are the leading economic driver in our state.

The Department also leads the PA Preferred program, a public-private partnership with many companies throughout the commonwealth. The program is working with thousands of companies and stores to support and promote Pennsylvania products. Next time you are shopping, whether in a major grocery chain, farmers market, or road-side stand make sure to look for the PA Preferred logo and purchase products grown or made in PA. 

Penn State Extension

Penn State Extension is an educational network that gives people in Pennsylvania's 67 counties access to the University's resources and expertise, including a world-class enology and viticultural education practice, which provides educational outreach for commercial wineries, home winemakers, and wine enthusiasts.

Pennsylvania Tourism Office | is the official travel and tourism website for the state of Pennsylvania, offering things to do, places to stay, trip ideas and roadtrip itineraries, in addition to hundreds of events and travel deals in every corner of the commonwealth. The PA Tourism Office, under the PA Department of Community and Economic Development, is a proud supporter of the winery and agricultural industry.

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